Tuesday, May 7, 2013

All About Thea Stelzle

All About Thea Stelzle
By Lisa and Greg

Thea loves to eat pickles from quick check. She is a communist. She likes to clean the loose change off of Justin's floor. Thea is terrified of knives because Justin chases her around with one. She likes cold brewed iced tea. She likes to wear pajama pants. Thea fights people on the internet; and then she meets them in person and they are really nice to each other (not the youtube people). She likes out decked out in USSR great at Nasha Rasha, a Soviet bar in Manhattan. Thea is studying education, but does not want to teach in the US. Her favorite books are by bell hooks, Lenin, and Dorothy. She hates The Wizard of Oz and Mother Do You Love Me?

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