Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I. Bugs We Wouldn't Eat Under Any Circumstance
by: Greg, Lisa, Justin

1. German Cockroaches (Nazis)
2. Bombadeer Beatles
3. Spider
4. Lisa wont eat caterpillars, Justin will
5. Wasps, but we'd eat bees
6. Mosquitos
7. Stink bugs
8. Queen termites
9. Bullet ants
10. Flesh eating ants (Army ants)
11. Centipede
12. praying mantas (for religious reasons)

II. Buts We Can Eat
by: Greg, Lisa, Justin

1. Tiny baby spiders
2. Cicadas
3. Millipede
4. Grub
5. Ants (Ant Liberation Army)
6. grass hoppers
7. butter flies
8. moths (mothball soup)
9. Bumble bees with honey salad
10. Crickets
11. Small horseflies (only Lisa)

Afterword from Lisa's dad:

Worms. They should have a lot of protein and stuff. They are all muscle and are supposed to be really strong.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Traps You Can Set For Your Landlord

1) Bear trap under the rug

2) Two sided tape on every surface (sacrifice we have to make)

3) Push him into a giant pillow outside house

4) Pale of red paint at top of door

5) If he opens the refrigerator.... 

6) Olive oil on stairs and floor (we can ice skate in crocs)

7) Poop in the top of toilets (also known as an upper-decker)*

8) Ducks in the basement and layer the basement floor with panera** bread

9) Put conflicting one-way street signs on his street

*Lisa took no part in this number
**panera is purposely lowercase because we do not support the evil Panera corp.  

Prank List for Tent State

1) Mass line: disaster in kitchen
   Party line: bring food in 10 minutes

2) Mass line: monster outside
     Party line: funny noises

3) Pretend to be high/ pretend bad trip

4) Pretend to be sober

5) Mass line: event in UHall 3011
    Party line: no event or YAL event

6) Set up in Mallory hall

7) Try to have the same conversation word for word with two different people (Daily Challenge)

8) Filibuster your own workshop.

9) Offer raw rice, oatmeal, or stuffing as a snack and eat a dry handful or two.

10) Pretend to relieve ourselves in bathroom and use bushes
       Pretend to relieve ourselves in bushes and use bathroom

11) Get matching one-piece suits

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

List of Free Things at Tent State*

·         Free healthcare
·         Free housing
·         Free fun
·         Free entertainment
·         Free education
·         Free food and drinks
·         Free games
·         Free music
·         Free candy (left over from hiking)
·         Free things that are bad with cottage cheese
·         Free literature
·         Free interesting people to meet
·         Free conversations
·         Free answers
·         Free problems
·         Free quests
·         Free mindedness
·         Free markets :(
·         Free tuition
·         Free bricks
·         Free political prisoners
·         Free tang
·         Free advice
·         Free counseling
·         Free art
·         Free professors
·         Free water
·         free air
·         free sex offered by the male prostitute committee
·         free wifi
·         free coffee
·         free tea
·         free rice pudding
·         free bagels
·         free panera (lowercase on purpose because Panera Corporation is horrible)

---------Created by Lisa, Greg, and Thea

*Tent State is an annual week long demonstration organized by students to offer an alternative society where education, communication, and propertyless relations are it's center pieces. 

The Greg of Liberty

Model: Greg Tuttle
Photographer: Lisa Grab

Friday, April 5, 2013

Foods Not Good With Cottage Cheese (Universal)

Foods Not Good With Cottage Cheese
By: Greg & Lisa

1. Chocolate

2. Bacon (unless you like Butterfingers)

3. Pineapple

4. Blue Cheese

5. Mustard

6. Lemonade

7. Guiness Beer

8. Turtle (or fish, in general. One exception is canned mackerel fried with onions)

9. Hotdogs

10. Garlic & Asparagus

11. Cheese Steak

12. Peanut Butter

13. Cereal

Backpacking Candy List (Universal)

By Greg and Lisa

1. Listerine Strips (use when hot)

2. York Mint Patties (daily reward)

3. Snickers (twice-a-day reward)

4. Starburst Jelly Beans

5. Pop Rocks - for hydration (always)

6. Twizzlers

7. Salt Tablets - for survival (eat by the handful)

9. Jellyfish (gummy bears)

10. Air Heads

11. Bubblicious & Bubble Tape at the Same Time

12. Cookies'n'Creme Hershey Bar (used for facials or making smores)

13. Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Giant Stuffed Animals That Haven't Been Invented Yet (Universal)

By Greg, Lisa, Maf

We want these stuffed animals to be huge, approximately the size of people or bigger. 

1. Canadian Goose

2. Opossum

3. Mole

4. Duck

5. Groundhog

6. Pot Bellied Pig

7. Manatee

8. Blowfish

9. Earthworm (texturized accordingly)

10. Cockroach

11. Clam (inside included)

12. Squirrel

13. Vulture

14. Seagull

15. Pigeon

16. Komodo Dragon

17. Land Turtles

18. Galapagos Turtles

19. Wooly Bears

People We Want to Paint (Personal Friends and Enemies)

By Greg and Lisa

1. Kiki

2. Grover (with Communist hat)

3. Thea

4. Justin

5. Bob

6. Leslie

7. Yoorae

8. Esha

9. Jerry Collins *