Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prank List for Tent State

1) Mass line: disaster in kitchen
   Party line: bring food in 10 minutes

2) Mass line: monster outside
     Party line: funny noises

3) Pretend to be high/ pretend bad trip

4) Pretend to be sober

5) Mass line: event in UHall 3011
    Party line: no event or YAL event

6) Set up in Mallory hall

7) Try to have the same conversation word for word with two different people (Daily Challenge)

8) Filibuster your own workshop.

9) Offer raw rice, oatmeal, or stuffing as a snack and eat a dry handful or two.

10) Pretend to relieve ourselves in bathroom and use bushes
       Pretend to relieve ourselves in bushes and use bathroom

11) Get matching one-piece suits

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