Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I. Bugs We Wouldn't Eat Under Any Circumstance
by: Greg, Lisa, Justin

1. German Cockroaches (Nazis)
2. Bombadeer Beatles
3. Spider
4. Lisa wont eat caterpillars, Justin will
5. Wasps, but we'd eat bees
6. Mosquitos
7. Stink bugs
8. Queen termites
9. Bullet ants
10. Flesh eating ants (Army ants)
11. Centipede
12. praying mantas (for religious reasons)

II. Buts We Can Eat
by: Greg, Lisa, Justin

1. Tiny baby spiders
2. Cicadas
3. Millipede
4. Grub
5. Ants (Ant Liberation Army)
6. grass hoppers
7. butter flies
8. moths (mothball soup)
9. Bumble bees with honey salad
10. Crickets
11. Small horseflies (only Lisa)

Afterword from Lisa's dad:

Worms. They should have a lot of protein and stuff. They are all muscle and are supposed to be really strong.

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