Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Real List from the Old Canal Inn


The Real List from the Old Canal Inn
By: Greg, Lisa, and Maf

1. Onion rings

2. Beer Float (with ice cream)

3. Shock top Shots

4. Grover

5. Camel Soup

6. "Spaghetti O's" homemade with macaroni quotes

7. Pop rocks (with a shot of pop rocks) chased with a shot of vodka. AKA Pop Rocks Challenge!!!

8. Baseball Soup

9. Fried Potatoe Challenge:
     Step 1: 3 shots of grease used to make French fries
     Step 2: 2 shots of carrot juice
     Step 3: 1 shots of Fermented potatoe juice
     Step 4: 100 French Fries (3" or longer)

10. Shots of chopped lettuce

11. Lemon squares

"Education is not complete unless it is built on character."
-Father Flanagan

"Each student is a better student for every problem he masters." 
-Father Flanagan

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