Sunday, October 5, 2014

List of awesome blog ideas that may or may not ever actually exist

By Lisa Grab and guests Jen Grab and Mark Ludas
All these ideas are trademarked, copyrighted, and patented forever.

1) Life of a Cornflake (from birth to death) and have pictures of cornflake with random crap

2) Why some trees hate each other (and for good reason): with evidence as to why they are not actually in love (even if it might look like it)

The biology of rocks: all about their life cycle
Birth, Reproduction, and Death (and everything in-between)
"In case it's not clear, rocks are living."

4) People Eating Against Rocks (aka People EAR, aka PEAR)

5) featuring pictures satisfying your everyday giant carrot needs

6) The physical, emotional, social, and socioeconomic hazards of being a professional full time sword swallower.

7) In Olden Times: featuring experts talking about events, and artifacts, and reminiscences from a couple days

8) Animal Poop - features recommended poop walking trails, where hikers can view wild specimens of exquisite terds, and high definition photographs, and some videos with exclamation points. 

9) House Footprints: snails, houses, and turtles all have footprints too. But which one has the carbon footprint? the oxygen footprint? the hydrogen footprint?

10) The Science of Pie Pumpkins

11) A Conspiracy blog about how seedless watermelon are eventually going to destroy the world.

12) A huge stupid and never-ending story that goes no where but absorbs readers into thinking something MIGHT happen

13) The never-ending TANGENT

14) The never-ending infinite tangent that never ends

15) The never-ending work load of an ant

16) GHOSTS! Analyze mysterious shapes in pictures and explain why they are ghosts

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