Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stuf We've Laerned Over The Past Year (and it cant be anything we learned in school, not that we've learned anything in school)

1) All landlords are liars
2) Cats dont like it when you throw them up in the air
3) Foxes are clever and bulletproof
4) You can wash dishes with shampoo (optional: in the shower)
5) Making iced coffee with coffee ice cubes makes your coffee stronger
6) 3-year-old lipton tea tastes like clean pondwater
7) There are three types of sewage treatment plants. The first type is old school and basically just sorts out the solids and then dumps the rest in the river. What do they do with all the solids? Good questions. I think they collect it and put it in a landfill. The second and third types are more modern and use chemicals to treat the water. The third types uses more chemicals.
8) The less seriously you take a job, the more you will succeed.
9) People with nut allergies are actually not that concerned about their allergies.
10) If you say it with a straight enough face, people will believe anything.
11) If someone disagrees with you, don't freak out. And then you can change their mind.
12) Every kitchen is like this: if one makes a mess in food service, and no one is looking, one can put everything back and not waste any food. It doesnt matter if it mixes together, just do the best you can to make it presentable.
13) You can fish for shrimp with a spoon, string, and cone-shaped shell.

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