Wednesday, April 8, 2015

List of future list topics (AKA topics other people are too COWARDLY to go near with a ten foot poll/survey)

1. Tight rope walking birds
2. The possibility of walking through walls if you tried enough times. Or a list of your favorite walls to walk through
3. favorite dangerous weather phenomena (including the conspiracy theory type of weather phenomena)
4. "Soggy pizza sneakers" - by Greg Tuttle. He makes the sneakers soggy
5. What people talk about to themselves and / or inanimate objects when they are alone
6. What does air breathe?
7. Philosophy of glue eating with toddlers
8. Are numbers real? or are they just an abstraction? (time also for that matter)
9. Punching people in the throat?
10. "The Triangle Conspiracy:" What is a triangle and why don't we see real ones in nature?
11. The best sand castle building technique. (Sand castles for adults)

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